Why you should go on a culinary trip in Vietnam

The soul of Vietnam can be found in its cuisine.

Vietnam is one of Asia’s favourite foodie destinations and a terrific place to embark on a mouth-watering journey. Vietnam has justifiably built a mighty reputation as one of the most diverse countries to visit, worthy of every avid traveller’s bucket list.

Come with us on a Vietnam food explorer and you’ll taste the country’s history in recipes handed down over generations, and experience it in the old streets, colonial buildings, temples and imperial ruins.

This is an adventure where every mouthful will take you closer to the heart of Vietnam.

We’re delighted to be able to offer culinary tours from Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi. Indulge your palate and explore Vietnam’s main highlights: the rural farming communities, major cities, stunning UNESCO sites and wonderful Halong Bay.

There’s no time like the present to go to Vietnam, especially if you’re a foodie, a coffee aficionado, or someone who appreciates culture and history.

Itinerary highlights

Satisfy the hunger for adventure on this authentic food exploration of Vietnam. Taste your way from Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi and fill the eyes with amazing sights, the stomach with delicious food and the heart with unforgettable experiences. Explore the colourful markets and experience the pho of Hanoi’s Old Quarter, the bun bo and French croissants of Hue, the cao lau soup of Hoi An and the broken rice of Ho Chi Minh City, marvel at the colonial architecture and ancient temples, enjoy sunset cocktails, canapes and a wonderful onboard dinner in Halong Bay, cook like a local in hands-on cooking classes, and pick up some contemporary twists on classic dishes with a passionate Vietnamese chefs. Want to know more about Vietnam?

Vietnam Food Explorer

Why we love this culinary tour

  • Get an authentic taste of culture and cuisine.
  • Eat your way through the country’s fragrant, exciting, healthy gourmet delights.
  • Sample delicious food at local haunts away from the usual tourist spots.
  • Learn the secrets of Vietnamese cuisine with a series of cooking classes, street food tours and market exploration.
  • Discover regional specialities.
  • Choose to stay in the best luxury 5-star hotels.
  • Expert local guides.

Fire up the taste buds in delicious Vietnam

One of my favourite ways to experience a destination is by immersing myself, quite literally, in the local and the appetizing local food, landmarks, local life and friendly locals are the unbeatable highlights of this 12-day tour.

You’ll immerse yourself into a culture that will greet you with open arms, and you’ll likely end up craving to return even before you make get home!

Discover what delights there are to savour by reaching out to Michelle at Bucket List Travel.

Is this Vietnam Food Explorer right for you?

This trip aims to give you an exciting, diverse and well-rounded experience of a country’s cuisine. While we endeavour to cater for specific dietary requirements, some meals and food activities are set in advance and may be difficult to adjust. Please be aware that in many countries dietary restrictions are not common or well understood. If you have dietary requirements, simply contact your agent at the time of booking for further information on how this may impact on your ability to take part in included activities and meals. Come with an open mind and open mouth, and you won’t be disappointed!