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Life is short, and the world is large, so make the time to tick those special places off your bucket list. Looking for inspiration? Check out our featured trips. We’ve put together ideas to help motivate you to go on that dream holiday.


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Making Travel Dreams a Reality

You’re here because you love to travel. We’re here because we know not everyone loves to travel the same way. At Bucket List Travel we dream up, research and organise trips so you can spend less time imagining and more time just doing it.

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“We were thrilled with the whole trip and feel that you were a big part of that.”

– Mike Wolfram –

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Because we work for you, not for airlines, hotels, cruise lines, tour companies or any other travel supplier. The only point to our existence is to get you the best value dream holiday we can so you, and your friends, come back and see us again in Red Beach! It is our job to gather all the information to make sure you’re on the right trip, tour, cruise, guide, hotel or destination for your bucket list holiday. It’s in our best interest to see to your best interests, and we know travel.

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