The world’s greatest train journey

life on the trans-siberianWhether you seek whispering wilderness, sparkling lakes, majestic mountains or fairy tale architecture, you’ll find it all along the route. 

Many Writers, artists and adventurers alike have named it as the world’s greatest train journey; it’s certainly the longest. Some 10,000 kilometres (6,200 miles) of track and seven time zones! Luxury trains and simple wagons, endless snow forests and the clearest lake in the world: a trip with Trans-Siberian Railroad promises many highlights.

sightseing on the trans-siberianTrans-Siberian journeys are packed with wow moments. We defy you not to get a kick out of marching across the cobbles of Moscow’s Red Square, wandering around Běijīng’s Forbidden City or taking in the glorious panorama of Vladivostok’s Golden Horn Bay. The more adventurous will certainly want to explore –and possibly plunge into – icy Lake Baikal, or ride with nomads across Mongolia’s magnificent steppes. There’s also the Baikal-Amur Mainline (Baikalo-Amurskaya Magistral; BAM) passing through remote and stunning parts of Siberia.

trans-Siberian experienceThe trans-Siberian Railway passes through 87 cities and towns. You’ll visit some of the world’s most fascinating cities: St Petersburg, Moscow, Kazan, Ulaanbaatar Chita, Vladivostok and Beijing – each as diverse as they are iconic. Experience traditional Japan and remote Mongolia.

The train crosses 16 notable rivers: the Volga, Vyatka, Kama, Tobol, Irtysh, Ob, Tom, Chulym, Yenisei, Oka, Selenga, Zeya, Bureya, Amur, Khor and Ussuri. 

trans-siberian winter sceneEnjoy fascinating interludes in Siberia, and Russia’s Golden Ring on this exciting overland journey on two of the world’s most famous railways, before walking along the Great Wall of China.