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Our Asian cruises expose you to a vast range of cultures, scenery & cuisine.

Asia is a land of contrasts.

It is the largest continent with the tallest mountains, the longest coastline and three-fifths of the world’s population.

Cruising is a wonderful way to experience the continent that extends from Burma, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia in the East, and Vietnam, Cambodia, China and Japan in the North. This vast range of countries and cultures offers something for everyone to enjoy from Ancient temples, Buddha statues and bustling cities to white sand beaches, forests and wildlife. Asia cruises expose you to a vast range of cultures, scenery, architecture and cuisine from modern, stunningly designed and equipped cruise ships.

Michelle has just returned from cruising up the Mekong Delta from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap in Cambodia. You cannot see the country and the people in a better way. Hop on an Asian cruise and you’ll appreciate the ease that cruising travelling this vast, diverse region offers. 

Asian cruise companies offer a wide range of itineraries and cruise packages to fit all budgets and travellers. Talk to us about what inspires you, and we can organise the Asian cruise to suit.

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Asian Cruises

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